in vivo Imaging Technology | Vieworks


The developer and manufacturer of imaging solution and products, Vieworks is leading the industry with its
unparalleled technological competence in optics, mechanics, electronics, and software. The company has continued
developing high performance bio optic imaging devices filled with functions of capturing high-resolution images
and diverse analysis functions, with its extensive experience in research and development of imaging
system and close collaboration with experts in in vivo imaging.

Core Technologies of Bio Imaging

TEC Cooling

Vieworks' Signature Technology that Enables High Resolution and Sensitivity Imaging Without Ultra Cooling Apparatus
Ultra cooling camera with TEC cooling technology, with use of peltier
- Resolved inconvenience including abrasion caused by ultra cooling or frequent refilling of gas
Designed for use of sensors with high sensitivity
- High sensitivity pixel size (5.5 x 5.5 ㎛)
- High dynamic range (64 dB)
- Low noise (Dark Current: < 7 electrons/s)
Patented heat radiation structure customized for camera
Technology to minimize difference in taps to
  homogenize images
Noise removal technology
- Globally recognized image processing technology

Motorized focusing
and zooming lens

Easy adjustment of zoom with touch panel
1. Full HD zoom lens
2. 6x zoom lens (FOV: 280 x 210 mm ∼ 50 x 40 mm)

Kinetics Analysis

System for kinetics analysis, with full use of high-speed imaging and in house developed software analysis tool
1. Mounted with high speed (24 fps)
2. Designed for immediate adjustment for imaging after preparatory process
(e.g. injection of contrast media)
- Inner door with an opening
- Y axis sliding stage
- Foot switch controller
- Marker for center location of imaging subject
- External lighting device integrated to ensure precision in processing experimental animals (e.g. tail vein injection)
3. Head holder to minimize motion of an experimental animal
- Selection mode for either mouse and rat
- Anesthetic gas adapter integrated into head holder
1. Kinetic analysis of as many as 1000 time lapse images (8GB RAM)
2. Easy and diverse kinetics analysis tools
- Selection of images for analysis out of the entire pool of time lapse images
- Automatic calculation of various kinetics feature values and convert into Excel format
3. A Wide Selection of ROI
- ROI can be set to match anatomical structure of subjects (e.g. blood vessels, tissues)
- Multiple numbers of ROI can be displayed and converted into a Excel format
- Selection of ROI out of time lapse images