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  • Privacy Policy

    Vieworks is committed to meeting the obligations of the protection of personal information complies with "Personal Information Protection Act" and other related privacy regulations.
    Users understand that providing personal information is necessary for the “Inquiry/Quotation Request” page on the website, and for which you agree that Vieworks collects the following information according to the related laws such as ‘Personal Protective Act’.

    Items to be collected

    ∙Required items: Country, Company Name, Email Address

    Purpose for Collecting and Using

    The collected information is used for the efficient communication to respond users’ inquiry. It may use for marketing purpose such as sending a newsletter on new product and service, event notice, other promotion information, and users can withdraw subscribing such material from Vieworks anytime they want.

    Retention and Usage Period of Personal Information: 1 year

    Provision of personal information to the third party

    Vieworks uses personal information under the scope of the intended purpose, and never use personal information or provide/disclose the third person with personal information beyond the scope of the intended purpose. Only the exceptions are the following cases:
    ∙In case that a consent of a subject of information is obtained
    ∙In case that there are special regulations in any other Acts
    ∙In case that it is regarded necessary for life and physical safety, and property interests of a subject of information or a third person when the subject of information or his or her legal representative cannot give prior consent since he or she is in a state of not being able to express his or her intention or of his or her unidentified address
    ∙In case that personal information is provided in a form that a certain person may not be identified when personal information is required for the purpose of statistics compiling or academic research

    You read Vieworks’ privacy policy and fully understand the Consent for Personal Information Collection. You cannot use “Inquiry/Quotation Request” service if you do not agree with this

Vieworks is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers. We do not collect and use any personal information protected by Personal Information Protection Act. We only collect information, such as company name, email address, etc, when you voluntarily choose to provide us with it. This information is only used to support products maintenance or fulfill your specific request. No data will be passed on to or shared with any third party.