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Business Information

Vieworks has succeeded in FPD and industrial imaging business continuously and
has had remarkable growth in both businesses.

Business Summary

Vieworks Co., Ltd., the advanced imaging solutions company, develops the world's best digital x-ray imaging system for medical purpose and provides our system to major company, both locally and abroad. Medical appliance business is directly connected to human life and needs reliability for a product, stability of the company to cover the full life-cycle, certification and clinical experience until the product release.

That's why any company is not likely to enter the market in a short time. Vieworks Co., Ltd., is now expanding their imaging businesses including industrial camera based on the outstanding outcome and high reliability of medical appliance business.

Business Performance

Vieworks Co., Ltd., has element technology for developing imaging products such as x-ray imaging system for medical purpose, camera for inspecting LCD and semiconductor. We consistently increase our market share in the medical imaging industry and it is expected that we has great influence on the industrial camera area which is import-dependent.

We try to achieve sustained growth as total imaging solution company through expansion of product portfolio such as Flat Panel DR which is developed in 2011 and diversification of sales channel by establishing subsidiary abroad.