Software Vieworks Imaging Solution

QXLink 3

Streamlined PACS

QXLink 3 is a system that stores all digital information from diagnostic imaging apparatus.

All information can be accessed in easy and convenient. Also, various measuring tools,

including those for animals, are offered to make diagnosis process more efficiently.

The system offers Report function that keeps records of clinical information and the users can edit the outcome

information into various layouts they like before printing out. Also, long length images can be divided into

actual sizes for print outs and layout can be adjusted into various formats.


  • More than 60 advanced measurement tools including chiropractic
  • Virtual surgery tools for preoperative planning
  • Flexible layout and full size pages for DICOM Print

System Requirements
Monitor Resolution (w x h) 640 x 480 above
CPU Intel Core i5 2600 or higher (or compatible CPU)
Memory 2GB or Higher
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Pro or Higher (32bit or 64bit)
Microsoft Windows 8 or 8.1 Pro or Higher (32bit or 64bit)
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro or Higher (32bit or 64bit)