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Slimpac Ⅱ Plus

Digital Radiography and Fluoroscopy Acquisition Viewer for VIVIX-D Series


Simple Workflow for Maximum Throughput

Speedy and high-quality image acquisition program
Acquisition of images exposed from VIVIX-D Series
Third-party integration Systems
CPI generator INDICO 100 / IQ
GBT C-arm generator
DICOM 3.0 compatible
Modality Worklist (MWL)
Modality Performed Procedure Step (MPPS)
DICOM Send / Print

Powerful Post-image Processing

Radio Image Process (Slimpac Process)
Edge enhancement
Auto window
X-ray Image Processing Library - XIPL
Auto crop
Grid suppression
Contrast/brightness option
3 different mode for individual preference
Normal: a processing parameter for normal image
Soft: a parameter that is smoother than normal
Hard: a parameter that is rougher than normal

Control Panel for Generator and Dose Factor without Hardware Console

Generator Control
Generator HU (Heat Unit)
Displaying messages when generator error occurs
Radiography Control
Dose parameter (kV, mA, ms, mAs)
Focal spot
AEC speed
AEC panel position
Fluoroscopy Control
Dose parameter (kV, mA)
Fluoroscopic mode (continuous or pulse fluoroscopy)
Fluoroscopic ABS(Automatic Brightness Control)

Convenient Usability

Simple Workflow
Easy management from patient Registration
to DICOM Send / Print
Image Manipulation Tool
Image Tool
Cine Tool
Annotation Tool
Anatomical Programmed Radiography Control
Body part

System Requirements
System Requirements
Monitor Resolution (w x h) 1920 X 1080 (Full HD) 1 or 2 monitor
CPU Intel Core i7 3.0Ghz
Memory 8GB
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Pro (64bit)
Microsoft Windows 10 (64bit)

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.