The most powerful driving force that enables Vieworks to become a leading developer and
manufacturer of the most customer-satisfactory imaging systems is its core technologies such as optics, mechanics,
electronics and software. The strength of Vieworks lies in its capability of all-in-house design and
quality control based upon its possession in all these core technologies in house.

Core Technologies of Medical Imaging

  • Advanced Imaging Technologies
    Advanced analog signal processing technologies
    Low noise and high performance of signal processing
    Molecule imaging technologies
  • Leading Technologies of Electronics Design
    Advanced sensor processing technology
    Cost effective circuit design
    Technique of design circuit for image signal processing
  • Customized SW Technologies
    Stable and easy Automatic Exposure Detecting function
    Development of user friendly functions – AP mode, touch GUI
    Reduction of OEM integration time
  • New Material Development
    Development of new materials in order to increase signal processing speed
    Elementary particle

Anytime™is Vieworks' own brand for AED, Automatic Exposure Detection, which
detects X-ray just like film, without cabling between detector and generator by synchronized signal.
It is becoming a common function which enables retrofit upgrade to digital X-ray easily. In order to provide
high image quality, the detector needs to respond X-ray generator very quickly. As Anytime™ uses sensors
activatingby a few photons, VIVIX can provide the same image quality as the line trigger. According to
the co-test result conducted by X-ray detector performance measuring equipment, DQE Pro, Detective Quantum
Efficiency betweenthe images acquired by line trigger and Anytime™ differed by less than 0.01 at any
spatial frequency. That means, there is no measureable difference in DQE between these 2 trigger modes.

Inside AP™is Vieworks' unique function to provide Wi-Fi connection between VIVIX
wireless detector and smart devices, such as table PC and laptop. Inside AP™ provides real mobile
environment to users to take X-ray images. After taking a shot, users can check the acquired images at smart
devices immediately. In addition, as VIVIX series has an inside memory, detectors itself can save clinical images up to 100.
In case of unstable Wi-Fi connection, users can check images which are saved at detector automatically when there is
transmission failure. VIVIX series and Inside APTM can provide stable and portable working environment to users.


Advanced X-ray image processing library
XIPL is an image processing library optimized for X-ray medical images acquired by VIVIX-S Series.
In order for the best image quality and accurate diagnosis, we highly recommend the use of
VIVIX Series and VXvue with XIPL inside.
Even in case of using other acquisition software, XIPL can provide image processing as a service.

- Optimized parameters for the complete set of bodyparts
- Includes XIPL.TOOL for adjusting parameters and for viewing processed images
- High tolerance for over/under-exposed images 1)
- Auto cropping/Auto Grid Suppression/Auto Defect Correction
1) Radiographers should not entirely rely on it. They are obliged to excise upmost care to control
radiation dose according to best practices to ensure radiation safety and minimize patient dose while trying to
get the best quality images.