Vieworks is developing in medical and industrial imaging solutions since its establishment in 1999.

  • 2017
    thumb history
    12Selected as Best Family Friendly Management by
    MOFEG(Ministry of the Gender Equality and Family)
    11Commercially launched the world's first Hybrid
    Color TDI line scan cameras
    Selected as World Class Product of Korea by KOTRA
    (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency)
  • 2016
    thumb history
    07Awarded VTDI Jang Youngsil prize
    02VT Series won iF Design Award 2016
  • 2015
    thumb history
    05Selected as 2015 KOSDAQ Rising Star by KRX
    03VN-25MX Won the Red Dot Design Award: Product Design 2015
    Won Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards 2015: Platinum
    03Gost-R certified: VIVIX-S Series
    03ANVISA certified: VIVIX-S Series
    02CFDA certified: VIVIX-S Series
  • 2014
    thumb history
    09Moving of new Headquarters and CI replacement
    04Selected as 2014 KOSDAQ Hidden Champion by KRX
  • 2013
    thumb history
    07Construction on new Headquarters began
    05Acquired ISO 14001
    04Won the KOSDAQ Hidden Champion in 4 straight years
  • 2012
    thumb history
    05FDA certified: VIVIX
    04Selected as 2012 KOSDAQ Hidden Champion by KRX
    01CE certified: VIVIX
  • 2011
    thumb history
    10Commercially launched the world's first 260 megapixel
    VN Series CCD cameras
    05Appointed as World-Class Advanced Technology Center (WATC)
    by Ministry of Knowledge Economy
    04Selected as 2011 KOSDAQ Hidden Champion by KRX
  • 2010
    thumb history
    11Commercially launched the world's first 96
    megapixel VN Series CCD cameras
    10Selected as 2010 KOSDAQ Hidden Champion by KRX
    04Goods of Health certified: QXR-9, QXR-16
  • 2009
    thumb history
    09Health Canada certified: QXR-9/16
    07FDA certified: QXLink
    05CE certified: Slimpac II (RF)
    04Listed on the Korean securities market (KOSDAQ)
  • 2008
    thumb history
    12Appointed as MAIN-BIZ(Management Innovation Business) by SMBA
    10Exported over $10million
    10Awarded Presidential Citation for Venture Korea 2008
    04FDA certified: QXR – 16
  • 2007
    thumb history
    07Selected as World Class Product of Korea by KOTEF
    Won a Grand Award of HITEK 2007
    05FDA certified: QXR – 9
    07Selected as business specialized in component materials by MKE
    05Acquired U.S patent: Image Intensifier Camera: Image Intensifier Camera
    Acquired U.S patent: Image Intensifier Camera
  • 2006
    thumb history
    11Changed Corporate Identity to Vieworks Co., Ltd.
    Company name changed to Vieworks Co., Ltd.
    07Commercially launched CCD Type Digital Radiography
    Detector: QXR-Series
    05Acquired business license for manufacturing medical devices by KFDA
  • 2005
    thumb history
    12Exported over $2 million
    10Commercially launched Digital Fluoroscopic Imaging
    Solution: Slimpac RF
    06UL certified: Maxxray
  • 2004
    thumb history
    11Selected as INNO-BIZ enterprise by SMBA
    10Selected as INNO-BIZ enterprise by SMBA
  • 2003
    thumb history
    12Awarded IR52 Jang Youngsil prize
    11NT certified by MKE and awarded gold prize for precision technology
    08Selected as promising export enterprise
    05Selected as next generation world-class product by MKE
  • 2002
    thumb history
    10Commercially launched Digital Fluoroscopic 1.0 Megapixel Camera
    08Selected as mid-term technology development enterprise
    by MKE and WonKwang University
  • 2001
    thumb history
    10Commercially launched CCD Type Digital Radiography
    Detector: Maxxray
    05Commercially launched X-Ray Bone Mineral Densitometer
    Detector: RXDM - 0405
    03Established R&D center
  • 2000
    thumb history
    11Awarded bronze prize for Korea Industry
    Technologies Exposition by MKE
  • 1999
    thumb history
    09Established Raysis Co., Ltd.