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Vieworks is developing in medical and industrial imaging solutions since its establishment in 1999.

  • 2018
    thumb history
    06Mammography Flat Panel Detectors, VIVIX-M Series launched
    05Selected as 'World Class 300' by MOTIE
    (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
    01Hybrid Color TDI Line Scan Cameras, VTC Series launched
  • 2017
    thumb history
    12Selected as Best Family Friendly Management by
    MOFEG(Ministry of the Gender Equality and Family)
    11Selected as World Class Product of Korea by KOTRA
    (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency)
  • 2016
    thumb history
    07Awarded VTDI Jang Youngsil prize
    02VT Series won iF Design Award 2016
  • 2015
    thumb history
    05Selected as 2015 KOSDAQ Rising Star by KRX
    03VN-25MX Won the Red Dot Design Award: Product Design 2015
    Won Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards 2015: Platinum
    03Gost-R certified: VIVIX-S Series
    03ANVISA certified: VIVIX-S Series
    02CFDA certified: VIVIX-S Series
  • 2014
    thumb history
    09Moving of new Headquarters and CI replacement
    04Selected as 2014 KOSDAQ Hidden Champion by KRX
  • 2013
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    07Construction on new Headquarters began
    05Acquired ISO 14001
    04Won the KOSDAQ Hidden Champion in 4 straight years
  • 2012
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    05FDA certified: VIVIX
    04Selected as 2012 KOSDAQ Hidden Champion by KRX
    01CE certified: VIVIX
  • 2011
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    10Commercially launched the world's first 260 megapixel
    VN Series CCD cameras
    05Appointed as World-Class Advanced Technology Center (WATC)
    by Ministry of Knowledge Economy
    04Selected as 2011 KOSDAQ Hidden Champion by KRX
  • 2010
    thumb history
    11Commercially launched the world's first 96
    megapixel VN Series CCD cameras
    10Selected as 2010 KOSDAQ Hidden Champion by KRX
    04Goods of Health certified: QXR-9, QXR-16
  • 2009
    thumb history
    09Health Canada certified: QXR-9/16
    07FDA certified: QXLink
    05CE certified: Slimpac II (RF)
    04Listed on the Korean securities market (KOSDAQ)
  • 2008
    thumb history
    12Appointed as MAIN-BIZ(Management Innovation Business) by SMBA
    10Exported over $10million
    10Awarded Presidential Citation for Venture Korea 2008
    04FDA certified: QXR – 16
  • 2007
    thumb history
    07Selected as World Class Product of Korea by KOTEF
    Won a Grand Award of HITEK 2007
    05FDA certified: QXR – 9
    07Selected as business specialized in component materials by MKE
    05Acquired U.S patent: Image Intensifier Camera: Image Intensifier Camera
    Acquired U.S patent: Image Intensifier Camera
  • 2006
    thumb history
    11Changed Corporate Identity to Vieworks Co., Ltd.
    Company name changed to Vieworks Co., Ltd.
    07Commercially launched CCD Type Digital Radiography
    Detector: QXR-Series
    05Acquired business license for manufacturing medical devices by KFDA
  • 2005
    thumb history
    12Exported over $2 million
    10Commercially launched Digital Fluoroscopic Imaging
    Solution: Slimpac RF
    06UL certified: Maxxray
  • 2004
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    11Selected as INNO-BIZ enterprise by SMBA
    10Selected as INNO-BIZ enterprise by SMBA
  • 2003
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    12Awarded IR52 Jang Youngsil prize
    11NT certified by MKE and awarded gold prize for precision technology
    08Selected as promising export enterprise
    05Selected as next generation world-class product by MKE
  • 2002
    thumb history
    10Commercially launched Digital Fluoroscopic 1.0 Megapixel Camera
    08Selected as mid-term technology development enterprise
    by MKE and WonKwang University
  • 2001
    thumb history
    10Commercially launched CCD Type Digital Radiography
    Detector: Maxxray
    05Commercially launched X-Ray Bone Mineral Densitometer
    Detector: RXDM - 0405
    03Established R&D center
  • 2000
    thumb history
    11Awarded bronze prize for Korea Industry
    Technologies Exposition by MKE
  • 1999
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    09Established Raysis Co., Ltd.