::::: VIEWORKS :::::


Create the new history of imaging technology with passion and creativity


Our mission is to make remarkable contributions to improving health and developing the industry
by providing the best image solution based on our passionate and creative talents
along with the optic image technology.


  • To secure our leadership position as the most preferred supplier of medical imaging solution
  • To claim leadership in the industry as the most preferred supplier of industrial imaging solution
  • To create new solutions by offering better vision to the humanity

Key Values of Vieworks' People

  • Passion
    Vieworks' people are highly enthusiastic and
    dedicated to whatever they do. With a sense
    of ownership and responsibility,
    our employees voluntarily respond to changes.
  • Creativity
    Instead of following suit, Vieworks' people
    try to explore an innovative way of thinking.
    In doing so, we constantly choose to take
    a look at things from a different perspective
    from others. Based on this creativity,
    we create new products and new customers.
  • Morality
    Vieworks' people pursue a clear and
    transparent corporate culture.
    We are devoted to ensuring continuous
    growth and development through performing
    tasks ethically and legitimately and
    establishing a fair trading order.