The powerful driving force that enables Vieworks to become a leading developer and
manufacturer of the customer-satisfactory imaging systems is its structural technologies such
as optics, mechanics, electronics and software. The strength of Vieworks lies in its capability of all-in-house
design and quality control based upon its possession in all these structural technologies in house.

VIEWORKS Technologies developed in-house

  • Electronics
    Electronics Thumb
    Circuit design of image sensors
    Low noise analog circuit design
    Digital image processing
    Design of microprocessors
    Measurement and analysis of characteristics of X-ray
    Integration and analysis of performance of X-ray
  • Software
    Software Thumb
    Customization and automation of workflow design
    Real time image processing
    Automatic image analysis and optimization
    User-friendly GUI and optimized technique
    for various display
    Cost effective integration technology
    Enhancement of user workflow by providing specialized features
  • Opto-Mechanics
    Opto-mechanics Thumb
    Design of a variety of optical systems & analysis technique
    Design of opto-mechanical systems & manufacturing technique
    Measurement of optical performance & technical evaluation
    Design of the structural mechanism & simulation
    Reliable applied technology in anti-vibration and anti-noise

Core Technologies of Medical Imaging

  • Advanced Imaging Technologies
    Advanced analog signal processing technologies
    Low noise and high performance of signal processing
    Molecule imaging technologies
  • Leading Technologies of Electronics Design
    Advanced sensor processing technology
    Cost effective circuit design
    Technique of design circuit for image signal processing
  • Customized SW Technologies
    Stable and easy Automatic Exposure Detecting function
    Development of user friendly functions –AP mode, touch GUI
    Reduction of OEM integration time
  • New Material Development
    Development of new materials in order to increase signal processing speed
    Elementary particle physics

Core Technologies of Industrial Imaging

  • Pixel Shifting
    Extended image resolution with nanotechnology
    Overcome sensor's physical limitation
  • TDI Line Scan
    Fast & precise high resolution line-scan camera technology
  • Sensor Processing Technology
    Experts in sensor processing techniques
    Advanced Image processing skills
  • Distinguished Image Quality
    World's best image quality ensured with specialties in circuit design and noise handling know-how
  • Thermal Control
    Unique cooling technology enables stable operation in limited thermal conditions
  • Custom Design Cameras
    Accumulated design expertise in ODM business
    All core technologies available in-house
  • Diverse Camera Features
    Variety of functions optimized to applications
    Environmental designs for surveillance & aerial imaging
  • Circuit Design Expertise
    Strong in traditional analog circuit design
    15 years experiences in electronics design