Flat Panel Detector for Digital Radiography

VIVIX-S 1717S is a Vieworks' flat panel detector with a large field coverage area of 17" x 17",

which is designed for general radiographic application using its unique image

processing system. The active 9.4Mega-pixel sensor of VIVIX-S ensures high image quality

to meet market demand for precise diagnosis performance.

With automatic exposure detection, Anytime™, VIVIX-S 1717S can be used without connection to the X-ray generator.

It works just like CR or film as it is triggered by the radiation, instead of a generator interface connection.


VIVIX-S 1717S is available in both CsI and GADOX scintillator types.



  • Wide active area of 17" x 17"
  • High spatial resolution with 140um pixel array
  • Stable and reliable automatic exposure detection (Anytime™)
  • Viewer software running on Windows™ OS (VXvue™)
  • Communication interface through Gigabit Ethernet (1000 BASE-T) )
  • Simple and easy integration with all kinds of digital radiography systems


Model Name FXRD-1717SA / FXRD-1717SB
Application General radiography
Technology Flat panel detector : a-Si TFT with PIN diode
Scintillator CsI:Tl
Pixel pitch
140  x 140
3072 x 3072 pixels
Image Size
17 x 17 inches (43 * 43cm)
A/D Conversion
14 bit
16,384 grayscales
Maximum Dose

X-ray voltage range 40 ~ 150kVp
X-ray Generator Interface
Line trigger : DR trigger Mode, Passive trigger mode
Auto trigger : AED Mode
Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T)
Detector cable
GigE communication and power supply (3m / option:7m)
470 x 470 x 35 mm
Weight Approx. 11kg
Operating Environment
10 - 35°C, 30 - 80% RH (non-c ondensing)
Power DC24V, 0.8A

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.