Slimpac2 SC

The Best Digital Imaging Solution for Surgical C-arm

Slimpac2 SC is an innovative and compact digital imaging solution designed for surgical operations such as gastroenterology,

orthopedic, spinal surgery and so on. The design of the robust dedicated 1.0 Mega-pixel medical camera

can be very simply installed in any Image Intensifier of the Super C-arm due to its all-in-one design.

The all-in-one design includes all the necessary functions and components as the C-arm and the camera can be installed by just simple hooking up.

The unique image processing software is installed in the computer and the user interfacing software is based on Windows XP or Windows 7.

Its full compliance with DICOM 3.0 is virtually integrated with any PACS, HIS and RIS system at any hospitals.



  • Dedicated 1 Mega-pixel medical CCD camera armed with dedicated optics
  • 14-bit digitization and true 12-bit digital output of the system
  • The special auto exposure control system offering extremely precise feedback
  • Automatics brightness control provides optimized images regardless of changing an external subject
  • Optimized fluoroscopic and radiographic images can be acquired by adopting multi-layer digital filter
  • Full compatibility with DICOM 3.0 standard and Windows based platform
  • Auto windowing / Digital compensation filter / Fine auto brightness control support


Model RCMF-1015H-200/600
CCD 1.0M Interline Transfer Progressive Scan CCD
Effective pixels 1004 (H) × 1004 (V)
Active image size 7.4 (H) × 7.4 (V) mm
Dynamic range typ. 60dB
Pixel correctionDynamic On/Off selectable via software command
Correction of all major defects by linear interpolation
A/D conversion
Output signal type
14bits (LVDS (RS-644))
Output signal type
Internal trigger mode
Integration period and frequency is determined internally. (30frame/sec)
External trigger mode
Integration period and frequency is determined by external trigger pulse.
Scan type
Progressive 1024×1024, 30fps (Internal trigger mode)
Progressive 1024×1024, ≤30fps (External trigger mode)
Video Gain 1× ~ 4× by 0.5dB step, total 24 steps
Controlled via software command.
Adjustable from 1 to 100 (%)
ND filter
Controlled via software command. Selectable 4 states
AEC block
Photo Diode Type
Ø 139 x 122mm
Weight 1.95Kg
Output signal type
14bits (LVDS (RS-644))
시스템 제어 장치 (SCU)
시스템 제어 장치 (SCU)
Model RCMF-1035S
Fluoroscopy Image processing AGC (Auto Gain Control)
Digital compensation filter
Recursive filter
Edge enhancement
Radioscopy image processing Gamma
DSA real time display
Image output DA real time display
LIVE monitor
Image transmission Giga-bit Ethernet
SCU Control 10base-T Ethernet
Generator Interface DSUB 37 pin
Size 289mm * 222mm * 60mm
Weight About 2.6 kg

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.