Pixel Shifting Camera with TEC Integrated

VNP Series

VNP Series, pixel shift camera equipped with thermo-electric Peltier (TEC) cooled, is designed
not only for applications where extremely high resolution is required but also where high image
quality is essential. The TEC maintains the operating temperature of the CCD at up to 15
degrees below ambient temperature to reduce noise significantly. Pixel shift technology based
on a precise piezoelectric stage allows image captures as high as 260 million pixels using the
VNP-29MC cameras. These cameras are ideal for applications such as FPD inspection,
document/film scanning, research and scientific imaging.


Camera Link
Camera Link
Model Resolution Extended Resolution Frame Rate Optical Format Sensor Pixel Size (㎛ x ㎛)
VNP-29MC-M/C 5 6576 × 4384 19728 × 13152 5 fps 35㎜ Truesense Imaging KAI-29050 5.5 × 5.5

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User manual
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Application Note
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