High-Quality Camera
Thermo-electric Peltier cooling technology
Up to 24 frames per second in real time
Fluorescence and Bioluminescence imaging from visible to NIR

Easy to Control Full HD Lens with Software
Zoom with 9 steps –x1 to x6
Iris with 10 steps -f/1.8 to Close
Focus with 21 steps -0 ㎝ to 10 ㎝ (Height from the stage)
FOV (Field of View) -5 ㎝ x 4 ㎝ to 28 ㎝ x 21 ㎝

Automated Emission Filter Wheel
Hard-coating emission filters: Block to a level of OD 7
User-definable filter wheel: Accommodates up to 9 emission filters

Special Design & Tools for Real-Time Imaging
Real-time monitoring of the mouse in the dark room
Sliding stage with a teeth holder (optional): Fixes a mouse easily and fast
Footswitch: Begins image acquisitions ASAP
Double-layer door: An inner door with an open part allows fast imaging

Representative Detectable Dyes

Excitation / Emission Fluorescent Dyes
Ex: 390 - 490 ㎚
Em:500 - 550 ㎚
GFP / EGFP / Alexa448 / FITC /
QD 525
Ex:530 - 570 ㎚
Em: 575 - 640 ㎚
RFP / DsRed / PE / Alexa 568 / TRITC / QD 585 / QD 605 / QD 625
Ex:620 - 650 ㎚
Em:690 - 740 ㎚
Ex:630 - 680 ㎚
Em:690 - 740 ㎚
Cy5.5 / PKE680 / Alexa 680 /
Alexa 700 / QD 705
Ex: 740 - 790 ㎚
Em:810 - 860 ㎚
ICG / QD800

* User defined combinations of excitations and emissions are available.
These enables you to detect other fluorescent dyes that are not listed in the table above.


VISQUE InVivo Standard

VISQUE TM InVivo Elite Note
Camera Sensor 4/3" CCD  
Device Operating Temperature 10 ~ 30℃  
Cooling To -10℃ Delta T = -20℃
Resolution (H x V) 1,600 x 1,200  
Minimum Image Pixel Resolution 33 ㎛ (at 6x)  
Frame rate Up to 24 frames/second  
FOV (H x V) 280 x 210 mm ~ 50 x 40 mm 10 steps, 6X motorized zooming lens
Maximum Exposure time 50 mins.  
Iris / focus Motorized Max. f/1.8
Filter Selection Automated  
Excitation Light LED light Blue, Green, Red, Far-rad, NIR, White
Emission Filters Max. 5 Filters Capacity Included 4 Filters
Filter Slots 6 positions  
Anesthesia Ventilator Adaptor Yes  
Dimension / Weight 56 x 56 x 90 cm, > 100 kg  
Applications Fluorescence, Bioluminescence,
Real-time imaging
Preview capture
Specialized Functions
Specialized Functions    
Kinetics analysis Double (inner & outer) doors and
Y axis sliding stage system
Treatment, positioning and
imaging simultaneously
Stage Types 3-type stages
(5-mice / 1-mouse / 1-rat)
One stage is included in the device system
Heated stage Yes  (Off / 25℃ / 36℃)  
S/W 2 copies included Kinetics and Radiance analysis
LCD touch screen 7 inch LCD  

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