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In vivo signal detection & intelligent image analysis software for VISQUE®


Powerful Analysis

Advanced Kinetic Analysis
Patented algorithms for kinetic analysis of molecular diffusion phenomenon
- Tmax, Tarrival, Imax, Iarrival, Trising, 1st Peak,
   FluAngio, DyAngio, etc.
Kinetics visualization with feature maps
Time-series kinetics graphs
Spectrum Analysis
Spectral unmixing
- Clear multichannel fluorescence imaging
- Autofluorescence signals removal
Merge of multi-spectral images
ROI Analysis
Complete information of ROI
- Quantitative ROI information
  (statistics: min, max, mean, std dev, sum)
- Relative ROI information (ratio)
ROI selection
- Auto ROI (automatic selection of signals)
- Symmetric ROI (two-mirrored ROIs)
- Shaped ROI (rectangle, ellipse, polygon)
- Well plate ROI (6, 12, 24, 48, 96)
Copy and paste of ROIs among several images

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