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VISQUE®InVivo Smart-LF

Compact Preclinical in vivo Fluorescent & Bioluminescent Imaging and Analysis System


Bioluminescent & Fluorescent Imaging

Scientific CMOS Camera with Cooling Technology
Optimized solution for high-end scientific applications
Min. image pixel size: 26.5 µm
Cooling: -50℃ below ambient temperature
High-sensitivity sCMOS Image Sensor
Quantum efficiency: Max. 94% @ 550 nm
                                      >85% 450 – 700 nm
                                      >30% 300 – 950 nm
Readout noise: 1.6e-
Fast-speed Imaging Acquisition
Uniformed-quality image with high-speed image acquisition up to 37 frames per second

Nude mouse image taken immediately after injection of 4T1-luc cell (2.5 x 10 6 ) into tail vein.

Nude mouse image taken 6 hours after injection of drug delivery material labeled with ICG into tail vein.

Representative Detectable Dyes
Representative Detectable Dyes
Imaging – Mode Imaging - Light Excitation / Emission Fluorescent Dyes
GFP Blue Ex : 390nm - 490nm
Em : 500nm - 550nm
GFP / EGFP / Alexa 488 / FITC / QD 525
PE Green Ex : 530nm - 570 nm
Em : 575nm - 640 nm
RFP / DsRed / PE / Alexa 568 / TRITC / QD 585 / QD 605 / QD 625
Cy5.5 Red Ex : 620nm - 650nm
Em : 690nm - 740nm
Cy5.5 / PKE680 / Alexa 680 / Alexa 700 / QD 705
HyperRed Ex : 630nm - 680nm
Em : 690nm - 740nm
ICG NIR Ex : 740nm - 790nm
Em : 810nm - 860nm
ICG / QD 800
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications
Dimension 40 cm x 40 cm x 57 cm
Weight 22 kg (48 lbs)
Operating Temperature 10℃ to 27℃
Power 100 – 240 V AC, 50/60 ㎐, max. 0.5 A at 220 V AC
Sensor 1.2” Backside Illuminated sCMOS
Resolution (H x V) 1824 X 1824
Pixel Size 6.5 um X 6.5 um
Min. Image Pixel Resolution 26.5 um (3x)
Digital Output 16 bit
Maximum Frame Rate 37 fps
Exposure Time 25 ms to 15 min
Detection Spectral Range 220 ㎚­ to 940 ㎚
Interface USB 3.0
Cooling -50℃ below ambient temperature, Thermoelectric Peltier Cooling
Control Motorized Iris / Zoom / Focus
Zoom (Field of View, H x V) 15 cm x 15 cm (1x) to 5 cm X 5 cm (3x)
Software, CleVueTM
Supported File Format cif(exclusive file format)
Supported Image File Format tif, bmp, jpg, png
Image Merging Merges images of multi-fluorescent dyes
Removal of Autofluorescence Removes autofluorescence or reflection from fluorescent images
Report Mode Displays an analyzed image with color scale bar, analyzed data, acquisition info, comments etc.
Kinetics Analysis • Includes 10 kinds of algorithms, i.e. MTT, BFI, and patented other algorithms to analyze Kinetics
• Dynamics graph, i.e. a plot of pixel intensity over time
• Map with Kinetics values on an image
Excitation Light
Source LED
White Light epi white LED
Emission Filters
Filter Selection Automated Control
Emission Filters Up to 9, optional
Stage Type Sliding stage, Up to 3 mice
Optional Accessory Heating stage, Anesthesia ventilator adaptor (available in certain regions)
                                                                                                                                                               * Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
* This system is only for research
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